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South James

Migrated from Squarespace to Webflow, the new South James website better promotes their services with their signature fast‑paced videos without compromising the site’s performance.
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Web Design

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Due to the black and white colour palette, it was necessary to introduce a different visual cue to ensure good usability. To achieve this, I paired a serif font family with the brand’s typeface to create contrast. On the other hand, the videos are the site’s primary focus, standing out from the monochrome elements. The site feels simple initially, but multiple easter eggs can be found the more users interact with the site.

Tactically, all pages and the fullscreen menu lead back to contact details for better conversion.

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The shipped product is a fully responsive website, fluid for all browser widths. Despite videos being loaded externally from Vimeo and the previews programmatically playing from a chosen point in time, the site still performs rather well. Moreover, all content can be updated and controlled via the CMS.

The client has built a significant audience for their newsletter, so I also integrated the signup form with Mailchimp.

Product Designer: Shay Ho
Shay Ho

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